Making Room..

If you know me or have read this blog long enough…you know I like to rearrange! Occasionally. The layout of our new apartment makes it much harder to rearrange anything because it is narrow and the rooms are quite a bit smaller.
Nevertheless! A certain someone joining the family soon has forced me to be very creative with furniture placement, especially in our room.
It all started very early one morning a couple of weeks ago when Ben and I were suddenly awakened by a strange noise. “What in the-” was quickly followed by a crash and we both sat up and stared bleary-eyed at the closet shelving which had just collapsed. Again.
Down came my wedding dress and basket full of material scraps. Down came all of my nicely hung, color coordinated shirts. Down came…well, everything! Of mine, that is. Nothing of Ben’s!
And so for a few days, our bedroom looked like this.
And we slept out in the living room. But then my sister and her husband were coming to visit and we knew we had to do something! Ben reinforced the shelving in the closet while I started planning how to redo the room, since we had a couple new items of furniture on route from Ohio. Furniture for the princess, of course!
After much planning and thinking and reorganizing, Ben’s dresser went into the closet to make room for the baby’s dresser and my clothes went into some crate things that were here when we moved in . (I’m not lucky enough to have a dresser!) And slowly, Little Miss has taken over a corner of our bedroom.
This is where Ben’s dresser used to be and now the baby’s resides! My mom found this dresser on Craigslist and repainted it! My sister was gracious enough to transport it from Ohio to us:)
I found these bonnets online! Aren’t they adorable?
My craft area which was covered in junk in the second pic above has been moved to the dining room to make room for this cradle which my mom and aunt found at an auction for $10! We found a mattress and some sheets and I am in the process of making a quilt. Speaking of, I should probably finish that….
It’s still a little messy but at least she has somewhere to sleep and somewhere to put all of the clothes she is inheiriting from people!
All went well at my 34 week check-up today! Baby is good and strong, I am doing what I should and now we wait! I have to park at parking meters when I go to appointments and they only let you park there 2 hours max. Of course, my appt went just longer than that so as I was rushing back to the car praying I wouldn’t get a ticket…I stumbled and almost fell. I landed sideways on my foot, which is quite sore tonight! And then as I was gathering supplies for dinner, Zakkai dropped a toy right on the same foot tonight. Ouch!
He felt so bad and immediately hugged my leg and said, “I’m sorry, mommy!!” He has such a tender heart lately:)
So here I hobble. And waddle. It’s a beautiful sight.

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