Apple Picking 2010

This year’s favorite fall pastime:)
 The usual mouth-watering shot of our very favorite pumpkin and apple doughnuts! Our boys have very much enjoyed this delicious treat!

 My guys! These are 3 of the very best apple-pickers!

 The apple-baker and her little princes:)

 “I don’t want to hold this bag, mommy!”

 Daddy lifting up Samuel to pick the juiciest apples!

 Zakkai was a little freaked out by all the branches in his face and opted to pick from safer ground:)

 Enjoying some freshly picked apples!

 The fruit of our labor….no pun intended!

Two happy boys! They had a lot of fun and the whole trip was made even more enjoyable as our first family trip in the “new” van! Ben even let me drive; wasn’t that nice?! We love the space so much!

And I must say, slightly begrudgingly and definitely humbly, that the last 6 weeks of car-torture was actually good (sigh) because we wouldn’t have been able to get the deal we got without all the experience we acquired. We learned more each time we had a car failure and even though it was really tough and discouraging sometimes, God saved us from buying some really bad cars and taught us a lot in the process. I love that we can grow through challenging times like this, holding tighter to each other and learning to keep our eyes on God.

I sure hope I get the hang of trusting Him before I am 90!


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