I must say that I look forward to Saturdays especially now that everyone is in school. It is SOOOOO nice to have a quiet day where we don’t have to rush out of the house, talk to anyone (unless we want to!), get dressed….it’s a lazy refreshing day!!!
My favorite things about THIS weekend so far:
1) Finally finishing a sweater for my newest nephew. Nowhere near the caliber of some other knitting geniuses I know (ahem, Danielle!) but I’m proud!
2)Finger Food Friday! We decided to take a siesta from friday night pizza night and do only finger foods. Big hit with the boys! We had pigs in a blanket, mini pizzas, cubed cheese, lots of veggies and watermelon!
3) Building forts in the living room:) The perfect hide-out for little boys! I have such great memories of building forts when I was little…

4) Two happy fort-dwellers

5)Homemade crock-pot applesauce filling the air with delicious scents!!

6)Working hard ALL day on sweet baby things! I finished 2 flannel receiving blankets….

 7) And 14 burp clothes! (ignore the yellow picture…)

8)Time, rest and football!

I love Saturdays!!


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