Catching Leaves!

Sorry for the brief blogging hiatus. I have been tir.ed. T-I-R-E-D. The boys had a play date with one of S’s classmates on Friday afternoon and then we babysat a friend’s little boy for 6 hours yesterday. It was just a lot on top of this already tired pregnant body! But I got to take a nap today so it’s good:)

The other day the boys wanted to help clean up the leaves and make a big pile. They had a blast, rake or no rake!

 Seeing how far down I will let him venture…

 Pretending to be a garbage compactor:)

 Z’s nest:)

 Gosh, look at that beautiful van in the backround! Oh, sorry. I got distracted… Still so thankful to have that mess over with!

 Mr. Boss telling the little “Garbage Collector” how to pick up leaves…

 Mr. Emotions.

 Can’t even remember what it was over, but it lasted about 2 minutes and then he was happily playing again!

Changing the world one leaf at a time..


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