Crafty Craze?

Last night I actually left the house for a girl’s night! It’s been FAR too long since I have done anything like that:) I went to help celebrate a friend’s 30th bday at a really neat place:
Drool, drool, drool at the chocolatey treats! I had this little chocolate souffle that was amazing. Anyways…got back at 11:45pm and circled around and around and around the neighborhood searching for a parking spot. I had to park pretty far away and even though I’m pretty uncomfortable being out at night alone, I feel much safer in this neighborhood!
Needless to say, I’m a bit tired today and slightly more scatterbrained than usual:)
The boys have been crafty-crazy the past few days! Every afternoon after school they have been coloring, stickering, painting and having a blast!
As you can see from the ultra-cheesy smile shown here:)
Samuel is getting really good at drawing and a lot of his people have bodies now instead of just legs coming out of their heads:) He loves to draw pics of our family, usually with each of us drawn in our favorite color. Daddy is green, Mommy is yellow, Samuel is red and Zakkai is orange. The newest addition, Baby E, has been determined to love pink and is being added in family pics. I have no idea where S would’ve gotten the pink idea:)
 We have decided to have a Pumpkin Day on Saturday to celebrate fall! We are going to go get real pumpkins (although these paper plate pumpkins are awfully cute!), eat pumpkiny food and…well, anything pumpkin-ish! The boys are very excited!

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