Bringing Home Baby

We’re Home!!
We are adjusting pretty well now. It was so fun to have my family, mugga included, come get us on Friday. Ben had slept at home Thurs night because he had to teach Friday morning before coming to get us so Eliana and I were all alone the whole night. We were ready for company and home!
Here are a few pics:)
 Zakkai “holding” Eliana for the first time:) He is only interested in her sometimes..
Samuel has taken to his 2nd big brotherhood like a duck to water! He is absolutely fascinated with every little aspect of her!

 The pictures all make her look so big but she is teeny tiny! Seeing Ben hold her gives you an idea of how little she is!

 Sleeping Sweet in her hat that Mugga knitted:)

Actually awake for a minute! We had to give her a paci a few times because she is a voracious sucker and mommy needs a break!

 Getting her dressed in her first “real” clothes! She has 1 outfit that fits at the moment and Mugga had to search far and wide to find it:)

Zakkai came down with a cold just in time to bring his sister home. Sigh. He was very emotional when they got to the hospital; just in time for mommy. He definitely is needing some mommy-love!

 Finally dressed in her one mostly-fitting outfit:) So pretty!

 In her carseat all snuggled up, ready to see her home! My mom recovered the carseat for her, which I love and appreciate!

 In the car, sleeping all the way home!

 Samuel was so excited to all be going home together in our van:)

 Zaakai was more excited to be a big helper and carry Eliana’s diaper bag

We were greeted with a very special welcome! Mugga and the boys worked hard to decorate the porch for us while daddy was at class!

It was a rough first night with Miss E, who got a little freaked out by my milk coming in (sorry~tmi!) and cried and cried and had all of us up in the middle of the night, except the boys. We all were pretty tired and grumpy all morning but our day steadily improved! We are getting the hang of things slowly and feeling good.

We are so enthralled with this little miracle and amazed by her perfectness! She is a sweet addition to our family and we are so excited to get to know her and to introduce her to family and friends!

Welcome Home, Baby Eliana!


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