Eliana, Tigger and Woody

I have an abundance of pictures these days! Who can resist photographing a sweet face like this?
 And sweet moments like this..

 And meeting Grandma for the first time

 It feels like so much has been put on hold in the past week or so since Miss E made her early appearance. I had been hesitating in agreeing to costumes for the boys and trick or treating since I didn’t know when the baby would come. But today was a special celebration at school for the boys, mostly Samuel and we had to rack our brains quickly to come up with an idea!

 Meet Sheriff Woody:) I woke up feeling a little stressed over coming up with a last minute costume only to look over at Z’s Toy Story pull-ups and receive a moment’s inspiration! Not a perfect copy but Samuel was happy and that’s what counts!

 He came home with loads of candy and a big smile on his face.

His buddy Fiona and her little sister Avery:) Now what to do about that Lightening McQueen costume he is requesting for trick or treating….

Oh and where’s Tigger, you ask? Tigger refused to pose for pictures today quite adamantly. Tigger has a ‘tude these days..

Maybe I can catch him for pictures tomorrow…


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