Diary of a New Mom

Day 12

*12:41am   Baby is up to eat. I roll out of bed with my eyes half open and cuddle her warm body next to mine.

*3:34 am.   Baby is up again. And so am I. I quickly calculate in my sleep-deprived brain that I have less than 3 hours til the alarm goes off and the day begins.

*6:15am    My alarm goes off and I hurry into the shower before the hubster has to leave for work and before the baby has to eat. I open the bathroom door afterwards just in time to hear the first squawks of hunger.

*7:42 am  I have spent the past 7 minutes nagging the boys into getting their shoes, sweatshirts, hats and bookbags on as I tuck E into her carseat.  We hurry to school.

*8:10am.  Arrive back at home from school drop off and leave sleeping baby in her carseat as I rest on the couch and try not to fall asleep, always in my head remembering the day I fell asleep and forgot to pick up S at school!

*9:56am  Eliana wakes up to eat and I breathe a sigh of relief that she can eat before we have to leave to pick up Z. She falls asleep half way through and wakes up hungry right as I tuck her back into the carseat. I pray she will fall asleep. She does. Crisis averted!

*10:33am  2nd to last parent to arrive to pick up their preschooler. I am thankful I have a good excuse!

*10:50am  Arrive back at home to find construction workers blocking the front door. Construction worker thinks its funny to warn me against going out because I keep coming back with children. Hardeeharhar.

*11:00am. Getting lunch for Z and feeling my body slowing down on me and telling me it’s NAPTIME! For all of us:)

*11:18am. Baby eats yet again while Zakkai makes siren noises at the table loud enough for the neighbors down the block to hear. Ask him to stop 6 times before he finally gives up. Daddy comes home to help!

*11:52am.  Read Zakkai naptime story on the couch while holding baby. Start dozing off in between reading lines…Ask hubby to put him to bed and fall into a deep sleep on the couch with the snuggle bug on my chest:)

*12:40pm  Wake up and wipe drool off my face as Ben walks in trying to talk to me. Have no idea what he just said but hope my vacant smile is enough to show interest.

*1:30pm. Baby eats.

*3:28pm Baby eats.

*4:00pm  Become brave enough and curious enough to attempt to try on pre-pregnancy jeans. Discover I CAN button them! Although they are a teensy bit…snug. Woohoo!

*4:36pm  Baby eats. Try valiantly to make dinner while baby eats which is no easy task!

*5:30pm. Sit down to dinner.

*6:18pm.  Baby eats a-gain. Read story to Zakkai while she is eating dinner #48. Words start slurring and I have to quit reading and send Z to bed before I drool on the book.

*7:00pm  Clean kitchen and chase Zakkai back into his room 3 times.

*7:14pm.  You guessed it….Baby eats again!

*7:59pm   E is asleep on daddy’s chest while he watches football. My eyes feel gritty and I make a list in my head of things to do before tomorrow starts.

*8:01pm  Stare at this beautiful perfect face as I head into the busy, long night and know that every second is worth it. SHE is worth it:)


2 thoughts on “Diary of a New Mom

  1. 1.) Explain to me how you make dinner while breastfeeding?!?!?
    2.) Explain to me how in the heck you are able button your pre-pregnancy jeans?!? Most women at this stage wouldn't even be able to pull them up over their behind!

    I just love your blog. It makes my day. I hope you're catching some Zzzz's right now.


  2. OH you make me laugh, Charity! The first one is hard to explain…I had a moby wrap on and I was desperate! (or she was anyways..) And as for #2, not all of my pants but it made me feel pretty good!

    Let's talk soon!


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