Daddy’s Girl

Eliana, I just want you to know how much your daddy loves you! He fell in love with you as soon as we saw you on the ultrasound screen in June and they told us you were a girl! His heart melted as he got used to the idea of having a daughter and over the past few months his excitement built as he felt you move and respond to his voice as he talked to you each night. As your due date neared, we talked over and over about how excited we were to meet you and he kept telling me he couldn’t wait!
And then you were born.
And your daddy couldn’t take his eyes off of you.  He memorized every little detail of your perfect face and teeny tiny fingers and toes.

His protective daddy-instinct kicked in so strongly the second you arrived. He constantly checks on you, worries about every little noise you make, makes sure you are warm enough or cool enough…

He jumps at the chance to hold you night or day and you respond to the softness and tenderness in his voice as he croons to you. He calls you his princess and claims that he has magical powers to calm you down:) He has the ability to put you into the deepest sleep! You must feel safe with him.

I know you will be well-loved and protected all of your days, sweet girl, because your daddy adores you. You were made for our family and you are God’s gift to us. We can’t get enough of you!
You are Daddy’s Girl.

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