Miss Eliana is doing MUCH better today! She slept well starting right after I asked for prayers (thanks!!) and stopped throwing up. I was so worried about her. She covered herself, me and the couch in throw up a few times and I had to change her clothes 3 times in the afternoon due to all the spit-up. I am so thankful her tummy seems to be calmer. I think she is swallowing too much air when eating and I am trying to help her with that.

I called her dr’s office last night, seeking advice on what to do and when the dr finally decided to call back (not our ped), she told me to take her to the ER! That didn’t make me feel too calm! But thankfully, she was already asleep at that point and we decided to wait and see if she threw up again before going. And she didn’t! I hope that continues…
On my own for my first long day today. Ben has been SO wonderful, coming home early on his teaching days to help me and do at least one school pick-up. But today he is staying the whole day! I admit, I was feeling a bit overwhelmed last night with E possibly sick, lunch not packed, dishes not done and thinking about a whole day without help….but we are doing fine:)

I didn’t check the calendar today (seriously, who has time to do that in the busy mornings?!) and didn’t realize that Z didn’t have preschool today! His teacher was like, “Zakkai! What are you doing here?” He was confused at first (and so was I!) but thoroughly enjoyed a quiet morning at home with his sister:) He helped me organize art supplies, painted several pictures (and his face, his hands, the table…), played with toys, watched a cartoon and is currently (hopefully) napping:)

Now for my nap…..


One thought on “Better

  1. Oh I'm so sorry about little Elianas upset tummy. Could it h ave been a flu bug from what S had. It always scarey for parents to have there little ones ill. I'll continue to pray. Love all.


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