Pumpkin Day Part 1

Remember a long, long time ago when I said we were having a Pumpkin Day? Well, maybe it wasn’t a long, long time ago but before I could post about it… this Little Pumpkin arrived! I could eat her up…

 Before we left for the pumpkin farm, the boys and I had some pumpkin crafting time:) As you can see, Zakkai really loves to paint!

 So does Samuel!

 The boys’ pumpkin masks! Z’s is the one with 3 teeth and S’s is Ole’ Double Eye;)

 A Pumpkin tree!!

 We saw piles of very strange looking pumpkins..

 And found some cute children among the pumpkins. Oh wait…those are mine!

 My three guys! Zakkai, of course, is refusing to pose:) Gotta love that strong will!

 My Love:)

After leaving Sonny Acres with our pumpkins, we decided to have a rare treat and eat out. We went to Portillo’s, a well-known hotdog place. It was pretty good!
Our slowest eater:)

Our hotdog lover:)
It was such a fun day and little did we know that it was our last family outing as a family of four!
Tomorrow, Pumpkin Day Part 2!

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