Pumpkin Day Part 2

Part 2 of our Pumpkin Party!
 The boys dressed in orange to celebrate our fall pumpkin day! They also helped me whip up a Pumpkin Pie for a treat after dinner!

 Zakkai was extra happy to wear orange, as it is his favorite color:) He LOVES to help me cook!

 The boys attempted to color their mini pumpkins but the marker just rubbed right off..

 We had to save our pumpkin carving for the next day because we were all pretty tired from our trip to the pumpkin patch! The boys had SO much fun helping daddy get the pumpkin seeds out of the pumpkin. We roasted them and they were deeeeeelicious!!

 That afternoon the boys and I took a walk to collect leaves to make a picture! This is Samuel’s tree:) If you look closely, you can see two brown squirrels in their homes in the tree!

 Zakkai picked up a lot of dead leaves so we had to discreetly weed through and pull out the pretty ones:)

 Back to carving the pumpkin!

 The final creation! The boys helped daddy decide the shape of the eyes, nose and mouth.

And then they named our pumpkin Susie:)


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