Good Day

Woohoo! I survived a whole day entertaining three children AND taking them all successfully out to the store! Score one for Mama!
The boys played so nicely this morning with no fighting (a miracle, sometimes!) and the peanut, after a rocky start, slept through the whole outing to drop off recycling and a trip to Costco. Costco is always a hit with the boys because they get to sample all of the “treats”:)
This afternoon after a walk, the boys and I made playdough (don’t I lead an exciting life?!) and they were happily entertained while I made dinner. It felt so nice to do an activity with the boys and really focus on them while Eliana slept. The poor boys get the shaft a lot while I am constantly feeding her or tending to her needs. Although I am glad that they aren’t holding anything against her!
Samuel tells me all the time, “I love Eliana, mommy! She’s so cute!” and Zakkai was thrilled this morning to help pick out her outfit:)
I am thankful to have these two silly, loving, protective, wonderful boys!!

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