Goodness, this was a LONG weekend! It felt like everyday was Saturday! The boys have been confused, too, with all of the extra days off school and have been asking, “Is this Saturday? Is this church day? Is it school today?” 🙂
I was trying to take a picture of this piece of perfection when my Z-man stuck his face into the picture;)
He does love his baby sister! He is tickled to pieces when she holds his finger or accidentally touches his face! He picked out her outfit in this picture. See the one that is only halfways on? 🙂
 I am just crazy in love with this little girl!! I am trying to soak in every moment with her because she is changing so fast and these sweet newborn days will be gone before I know it:( She is so warm and snuggly and sweet-smelling and just edible!!

 I have always said it doesn’t take much to entertain kids! Why buy expensive toys when you can play with daddy’s bookbag?!

Zakkai helping strap Samuel in:) Poor Samuel has a cold and has been whiny and complainy (is that a word?) and has so lovingly passed his germs on to me. My throat started hurting this afternoon and I can feel that I am fighting a cold. Yuck! I have to keep reminding myself not to kiss Eliana’s sweet fat cheeks or silky head… It’ll be a long few days!
Ben is leaving to go out of town this weekend and I am flying solo with my 3 munchkins! Yikes!! It’s one thing to fill a few school-less days with activities while Ben is working, but to be all alone  night and day for 3 1/2 days? I’m counting on a lot of grace from God this weekend!

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