My Silly Boy

 This kid:
1) Knows how to seek attention
2)Lives in a world all of his own. Few people understand how to get there..
3) Saw a bucket sitting in the bathroom the other day and decided to pee in it instead of the toilet.
4)Hates time-outs with a passion and yet seems to end up there every 5 minutes…
5) Often starts his sentences with “I’m noticing somefing…” or “I’m wondering somefing…”
6)Thinks I feed the baby out of my belly:)
7)Thinks it’s a different day after naptime.
8)Loves chocolate, bananas and cheese.
9)Loves school and is totally energized by it!
10)Gives us play by plays of his time at school.
11)Adores storytime and could be read to for hours.
12)Wants lots of baby sisters, as he informed me yesterday:)
13)Has changing moods like the weather in the midwest. If you wait 10 minutes, it’ll change!
14)Has the sweetest, most sensitive heart under all of his orneriness.
15)Is a joy in my life.

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