I fought the Cold and the…

Cold Won.
Darn cold.
Missing kissing my boys and my sweet girl and my hubby.
Ah, the things we sacrifice in the name of love;)
Speaking of Love:
Sometimes I look at this little person and I think, “She’s really here!” It feels like I was just ginormously pregnant and then..poof! Here she is, almost 4 weeks old. It really did take me several days to stop feeling pregnant. In the hospital I would have these random brief moments of panic where I would think, “Oh no! I haven’t felt the baby move in awhile!” And then I would look over and see this little bundle of joy and breathe a sigh of joyful relief.
Where did the last 4 weeks go?! My little birdie is getting so chubby, which makes her even more kissable, of course! Ben and I are so amazed at how much she loves to be around us and be talked to. Sometimes she will wake up from a nap (one of her many, many naps) and squawk at us (because she squawks more than she really cries) and when we pick her up and start talking to her, she will get so still and just stare and stare at us.
AND she really is starting to smile a little bit!! A few times I have been able to get a smile out of her and it is SO sweet! I can’t wait until she really starts smiling. Oh, the pictures I will take. Are you tired of pictures of her yet? I can’t help myself!
Poor Samuel has been banned from kissing his sister until his cold goes away. He told me tonight that he misses kissing her:) I do, too! Although there are still sweet little feet and a soft, warm belly to kiss!
And totally random: I made my mom’s Pasta Fagioli soup tonight (SO good) and this bread in the bread machine that was one of the best loaves of bread I’ve ever made!! It was a strange recipe and I was really skeptical of how it was going to turn out but it was so good! The perfect compliment to soup:) Here’s the recipe in case you love your home smelling like fresh bread as much as I do!!
Best Bread Machine Bread (I didn’t make that title up:)
1 1/2 cups warm water
2 TB sugar
2 1/4 tsp active dry yeast (or one .25oz pkg)
4 cups bread flour (I used all-purpose and prob will do half white/half wheat next time)
1/4 cup canola oil
1 1/2 tsp salt
1. Add water, sugar and yeast to bread machine pan and let dissove and foam for 10 minutes. (no need to stir!)
2. Add flour, oil and salt and set bread machine to white bread cycle and press start! (I do my rapid rise cycle~2 hrs 15 min~ and 2 lb loaf)
Add water or flour as necessary after 5 minutes of kneading.
3. Enjoy!!

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