One Month

Dear Sweet Girl,
You are one month old already! I can hardly believe the time has gone so fast. You have changed from a teeny 6 lb baby we brought home from the hospital to a soft, chubby 9 lb baby in one short month! We feel like our life is complete now that you joined our family. You were definitely made for us!
 All four of us fall more in love with you as each day passes. Your brothers delight in your tiny fingers grasping their own. They want to dress you and talk to you, kiss your feet and hug you. In the past few days, Samuel, your very biggest brother, has been passing up playtime just to be near you and watch you.
Your daddy and I make fools of ourselves trying to get you to smile at us, which you are starting to do a little bit more! You have the most beautiful smile, especially when we see your dimple!

 You are more alert now and seek out our faces, following our movements with your eyes and even your body. Today you were watching me make dinner and I walked past you only to turn around and see your head twisted so you could watch me:) We love to talk to you and tell you how very wonderful you are!

The weight of your warm body resting on us as you sleep is the sweetest feeling and one that we are soaking in, as these days will pass all too quickly. Know that you are very much loved, Little One. Your chubby cheeks get kissed at least a hundred times a day. We stroke your silky hair and inspect your dainty ears and stare into your deep blue eyes until we have every aspect of your face memorized.

Happy One Month, Sweet Girl. We love you.


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