Big Brother

This sweet kid:
 ADORES his little sister! Lately he wants to check on her, kiss her, comfort her…When I asked him if he wanted to hold her yesterday…well, you can see from the grin on his face that it made him happy!! She is one blessed little girl to have such a loving brother!

 Can you blame him for loving her? She’s awfully sweet!

Loving these kissable cheeks!!

This little chickie, who will be 6 weeks tomorrow, has been having a very rough day! She has been so fussy and hard to settle down which is so unusual for her. I was starting to worry when I checked online and realized she is at an age for a growth spurt and a little extra fussiness. Hopefully it will pass in a few days!

Last night we started sleep-training her, as she has been showing us in the evenings that she wants to go to bed!! We are starting a bedtime routine with her, just like with the boys:) Last night she was tucked in her cradle by 6:30pm and slept for (ready?!) FIVE hours!!! I was very excited and hoped for an easier sleep day today….oh well. We’ll see how she does tonight!
We are attempting to put up Christmas decorations but it was not easy with Miss Fuss-fuss, making dinner and keeping Zakkai from breaking the lights! Hopefully we will finish tomorrow and I’ll share pics.

For now, a video of Samuel’s dance program from last week!! A dance studio came and worked with his class for 5 weeks, teaching them different “locomotive” movements. My favorite is the “heavy locomotive.” Makes me laugh every time!


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