Winter Fun

 The boys having fun decorating our tree! They only broke a few ornaments…

 Reading “The Grinch!” The boys LOVE this book and the movie:)

 Watching it snow

 Beautiful trees!

 Z collecting the snow in his bucket. He wanted to go out first thing in the morning and spent a long time playing!


 Winter Wonderland

 The First Failed Attempt at bottle feeding. Even if it didn’t go well, the first few minutes were sweet as Eliana looked into Daddy’s eyes:)

 “I love my daddy!”

I finally captured a few smiles on camera today. It’s very hard to do by yourself! Her biggest smiles happen so fast that by the time the camera clicks, it’s gone! She’s been sticking her tongue out a lot lately:) Wait til I get a big smile pic and you get a load of her dimple! She’s a heart-melter!


2 thoughts on “Winter Fun

  1. how beautiful the snow on the trees and the Christmas tree looks great (Is that really the one we gave you} It looks so good. Did all the lights work? Is'nt Christmas fun


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