My Chickies

Miss Eliana had mercy on her poor mama last night and let me sleep off a terrible migraine:) She is finally past her grinchy-grouchy stage and is back to her smiley-sweet self! She is starting to get the hang of sleeping better and putting herself to sleep, THANKFULLY!!
She did another 5 hour stretch for me last night before demanding to fill her tank up. Hopefully soon she’ll be sleeping through the night! But maybe not too soon because I’ll miss our middle-of -the-night rondevous!
 Having a nap with daddy!

 Except she was the only one sleeping:)

 The Little Miss and the Mrs! She wore her first pair of jeans yesterday and Samuel thought it made her look like a boy! So we put a bow in her hair:)
And then she was back to her girly-self!!
Zakkai has been as sweet as sugar lately. “Mommy, may you read me a book?” or “Mommy? May you help me, please?” He does like to throw a good tantrum here and there just so we don’t forget that he has a mind of his own but I will choose to look at the positive side!
Samuel is doing amazingly well at reading! I don’t always get to participate in storytime at bedtime (because of a certain someone!) but I hear Ben working with him each night. The other night I sat with them and I was so surprised at how quickly he was sounding out words! I’m so proud of him!
I must say, we breed some cute chickies!! ha!

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