Monday Cuteness

How’s this for cuteness?!

 Pretty good, if I don’t say so myself;)

 In the arms of the Master Burper, as I call him!

 The Dreaded Tummy Time: I think, I think I can…

 I did!!

More sweet daddy love:) One blessed little girl!!
*It’s been a busy life these past 7+ weeks (how can it be that long already?!) with 3 kiddos. I have had some very overwhelmed moments, feeling like I am failing all 3 of them and they’ll be ruined for life! Like the moments where dinner is bubbling on the stove or half chopped on the cutting board, the baby is crying and pitifully tired or hungry, Samuel is claiming he is bored and driving me nuts and I am trying to stop Zakkai from plugging things in outlets (a newfound joy of his)…and ALL at the same time! Those times, I feel like I could scream and I am just positive that every other mother out there knows how to handle those moments with grace and ease and I am lacking some vital mothering element that God forgot to give me. But in my sane moments, I know that isn’t true:) I am doing the best I can.

*In these past weeks I have been stretched many different ways with not enough of me to go around! But I have been praying for patience and grace, especially towards the boys and I do feel much more peaceful! I have had some good times with them lately, playing games and trains, coloring and building lego houses. I was becoming a “No Mom” it seemed but I am really trying to stop and spend time with them, even if only for a few minutes here and there. I want to fill up my boys’ hearts with mommy-love as much as I can! I want to say “Yes!” much more often and fill this home with a positive, joyful spirit. (remind me of this next week, please!)

*This week is a busy week, being the last week of school before Christmas break. I have to make small gifts for all the teachers (there are 5!), mail out Christmas packages, pray for a million dollar check to come in the mail…you know, that sort of thing! Tomorrow, Z has a field trip and will be gone all day (til S gets out of school) so I have almost 6 hours with one child (how easy that will seem!!) to run errands and maybe sneak in a nap:)

*Speaking of sleeping, the poor baby is getting the shaft with her afternoon napping due to 2 certain unmentionable little children who keep waking her up. She can sleep through normal noise…it’s the thundering of their feet as they race past her door like a herd of elephants or the shrieking of Zakkai when Samuel pesters him (which happens often) or the slamming of their bedroom door as they play a silly game. She had had enough this evening and cried like I have never heard her before:( It took me a good hour and a half to get her calmed down and settled into a deep enough sleep so she could stay asleep. Funny how overtired babies sleep worse than well-rested ones! Must think of a solution to the afternoon napping problem that doesn’t involve muzzles….:)

Well, that’s the story for today! I should probably go get ready for the morning. It comes all too quickly…


One thought on “Monday Cuteness

  1. Oh how your story's brings back such memories. With Terri I used to put her in her play pen and if she would fall asleep I'd crawl on hand and knees to get buy her so she would not wake.Those precious quiet times


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