My Spunkmeister

I can’t believe how much Zakkai has grown up lately. Not only does he look more and more like and older boy (skinny and taller) but he is maturing in his thinking, too. But there is just enough of my baby in there that still wants to sit in my lap and have me read him stories or cuddle. He still falls asleep in the car at nap time and still adores his “rays” and sucks his first finger:) He tucks his hand in mine when we walk.  He’s still my baby, even if he’s almost 4!
This spunky child of mine has enough spark to bring life to any household! He is currently very much enjoying all of the benefits of Christmas: presents, lights, Christmas trees, snow… He reminds us everyday to turn the tree lights on. I wonder where this 2+ year light obsession will take him in life. An electrician? Something mechanical since he loves to push buttons so much? A professional tree decorator? ha! 
This afternoon while the baby was sleeping and the boys were engrossed in a movie, I decided to sneak into their room to wrap presents. Zakkai got curious after awhile and just happened to pop into the bedroom just as I was finishing wrapping his present! And once he saw the great fun he was missing out on, he stuck to me like glue tape. He insisted on tearing off pieces of tape for me and “helping” me, talking non-stop all the while. Sometimes my head is full of his voice! I ended up giving him scraps of wrapping paper to practice wrapping on.

He decided to wrap up toys that he claims he doesn’t want anymore. After several minutes, Samuel, who must’ve sensed fun going on without him, burst through the door and Zakkai flipped out and started shrieking, “No, no, Samuel! You can’t look! I am wrapping up old toys that I don’t want anymore! You can’t see!” 🙂

And so Samuel had to get in on the action and now our tree skirt is “decorated” with boy-wrapped books and toys:) And I am minus much tape!
The boys haven’t asked for much for Christmas, thankfully. They love presents like any other spoiled American child, but aren’t in the age of begging for every toy they’ve seen on tv or in the store. (Again: Thankfully!) We have tried to talk to them a lot about the meaning of Christmas and that is isn’t all about presents. But when Zakkai realized he was getting a present from us, he would not stop asking me about it. “Can I see it? Where is it? Can I just see it? Why not? But it IS Christmas now! But can I see it? Plleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaassssssssseeeeeeeeeee?” Until I thought I would go nuts! I gotta say this child is persistent!

And sweet.

And spunky.

And I wouldn’t have him any other way:)


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