Remember this? Well, I’m still a fool! But a good one, I think:) I may have been strutting past the mirror in those good old days, but not anymore. It’s more of a sidle past the mirror, long enough to make sure I’m matching but short enough to avoid seeing the extras that having a baby has left me with.

Muffin Top, if you will.

I don’t need to lose anymore weight but I do need to….firm up things. Ahem. So last night, in a spurt of insanity (insanity that has been lurking in the back of my mind for a month) at 11pm (told you I was crazy!) I decided to dust off the 30 Day Shred and whip myself back into shape!

And I’m paying for it. I may have wobbled to bed on jelly-like legs and barely had the strength to lift the baby out of her cradle with my 40 lb arms but it was worth every excruciating moment! It was. Right?

 I am determined to be looking svelte and glamorous (or at least presentable:) by my 30th birthday in the summer. Before everything goes downhill.


Welcome back to my life, Jillian. I think.


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