Dear Samuel,

I don’t tell you often enough how proud of I am of you! You have had to work harder than most other kids to get where you are now because of the struggles you have had (with SPD) and sometimes I lose sight of that.

You and I are a lot alike, very emotional and very sensitive! It’s funny that we can bug each other even though we are the same:) But I really really love your sensitive heart and I pray that it stays soft and loving.

You have learned SOOO much this year! We were really nervous about how you would do in kindergarten but you are a rock star! You have learned to read and it is getting easier all the time (I LOVE to hear you read at bedtime:), you have learned to count to 100 by 2’s, 5’s and 10’s. You are learning addition and subtraction, how to sound out words on your own and write them. For example you wrote on a HW paper “I ate a samwech today.” I love that you keep trying even when it is hard for you!

You are an amazing big brother! You call Zakkai your “buddy” and always watch out for him and make sure he is making good choices. You have a very strong sense of justice and right/wrong and even though your tattling can drive me crazy, I know it is because you want to follow the rules and you don’t want your little brother to get in trouble! (again)
I can hardly keep you away from Eliana:) I love that you are old enough that you will probably remember her birth. You help me SO much with her; bringing me burp clothes, her pacifier or diapers. She gets a million kisses from you and smiles at the sound of your voice. You are wonderful!

Today I found a picture of daddy as a teenager and I could NOT believe how much you look like him! It was really fun to see what you will probably look like in about 12 years:) Not that I want you to grow up that fast!

You are such a handsome, bright and very funny boy. You have a really great sense of humor. I love that look on your face after I make a joke, that studies me for a moment trying to decide if I am being serious or trying to make you laugh. Then your face breaks out in that beautiful smile and you say, “You’re teasing!!”

You love big, you feel intensely, you take in your world quietly, you have a wonderful laugh and you make me so proud!

I love you, Samuel!!


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