Ole’ Boots

It’s so great…

to have a daddy with big feet and

big boots and to have

little feet that try to fit

inside the daddy boots.

Whoever said kids need toys?
Operation “Shovel” is going great!! Today, Z, who is still sick, opted to stay inside while Samuel came out to play. It was freezing out today but the sun was shining so it made the snow a little softer. I was working on the same car I was trying to dig out yesterday when this man pulled over in his H2 Hummer and asked if he could help!

He took the shovel (I admit, I was a little worried that he was going to hit me over the head with the shovel and take me away or something but turns out he was just a really nice guy. I must read too many books…) and just pitched in shoveling while I got my scraper and worked on the windows! It was fun:)

And the best part? While Samuel was helping scrape the windows off, the owner of the car (whom I have never met) came out of his building and stopped dead in his tracks and said, “You’re….cleaning off…my car?” He looked so surprised and I was afraid for a instant that he would be upset. I promised him that we were being really careful but he was completely speechless! He said, “I just don’t know what to say! I mean…thank you!” His name was Andy and we’ve lived right next door to each other for who knows how long and we just met.

It felt really great to do something kind for someone I don’t know! Then we went in and Ben caught on to the enthusiasm and went out to do some shoveling himself:) He cleared two beautiful spots which were taken up immediately.

We feel proud tonight:) Hopefully it won’t be too cold to shovel tomorrow!

I really needed a happy afternoon after a frustrating morning. I managed to find a parking spot in the chaos of school drop-off, only to get out with the boys in such a hurry that….you guessed it. I locked my keys in the van.

I was upset b/c I had left E at home with Ben because she was still asleep but I knew she’d wake up any minute ready to eat and we don’t have a spare car key (but we’d better get one!). The school engineers (the new fancy name for janitors) tried to help me with a hangar but it was not working so we ended up calling the police. They were able to unlock it with a nifty Slim Jim tool and I sped off to find a very hungry and overtired little girl at home. She had a grumpy morning but was back on track with a super nap this afternoon.

And I got to spend good time with my boys while she was sleeping so that helped melt away any frustrations;) I love my boys!


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