Sweet Cheeks

Hey there, Sweet Cheeks! Whatcha got cookin’?

Oh, hey there, mummy dearest! I’m just hangin’ out here. Have I ever told you what a great life I have? I dig this family, Mommy-o!

I get so many kisses from my brothers. Although, mommy? Have they ever heard of personal space? It’s kind of hard to see them when they are 2 inches from my face. But still. They love me so I’m cool with it. Most of the time…

And they do give me my pacifier when I’m crying and remind me that I’m okay and that’s pretty nice. So, I guess I’ll keep them.

Sorry, I woke you up so early today. But really, 5:15 am isn’t too bad, is it? The sun is….thinking about coming out later. It’s quiet and peaceful so you can hear me very clearly! I had a lot to talk about this morning, huh? I was just checking to make sure you were still there.

I heard you tell Daddy that you like my “Ham grin” where I scrunch up my face. Pretty cute, you think?! I’ve been working hard on that one. Do you like my faces where my tongue hangs out? I like my tongue and think it’s pretty fun to stick it out. What are tongues for anyways?

Hey, downtown was cool today! My first trip on a bus and first views of Michigan Ave! Of course, I was sleeping most of the time….but still. Definitely cool. The Lego store was awesome! All those lights….Oh, there were Legos there, too? I don’t know what those are but maybe I’ll like them someday. Those lights though….

I sure loved being all snuggled up to you in the Moby wrap. We make a pretty good team, huh, Mommy? As far as I’m concerned, you can carry me around in there forever!

Oh and I looooove bathtime, Mums! Have I ever told you that? It makes me so happy every time…all that warm water and shampoo that smells so nice. Plus you give me lots of kisses afterwards and tell me my skin’s soft and dress me in cozy jammies. It’s a pretty great way to go to sleep at night.

And one more thing. Sorry about all the nighttime wake-ups lately. I know it kind frustrates you but look at it this way; I like you a lot! And nighttime is one time that I can get you alllllll to myself. Plus it keep you on your toes and you’ve got to learn to roll with the punches, mommy-dear. After all, I’m only 3 1/2 months old.

Anyways, love you lots and can’t wait to stare at you tomorrow!

Sweet Cheeks


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