Pacis, Pink-Eye and other stuff

We continue to plod along in paci-free land over here and it’s still going great! I am thrilled at how much easier it has been than I expected and so happy with her improvements in sleeping!

Last night she only woke up once in 11 hours and I went ahead and fed her since she hadn’t eaten since the late afternoon. There has been no hard crying or screaming at all from her in the past 2 days, which I was afraid of. Only minor fussing here and there and on the fun side, much more babbling and laughing, smiling and general cuteness! Tonight she fell asleep without a peep!

She does, of course, have pink-eye, thanks to Zakkai (!!) so we now have 2 kiddos on eye drops. Zakkai has been battling it for a week and a half now but hopefully it will clear up soon (before it spreads to the rest of us!). Poor E woke up with a very red, crusty eye so I knew it was the right choice to take her in.

(pic~pre-pink eye;)

My loving, wonderful husband did ALL the school drop-offs/pick-ups today to give me a break (which I spent going to the drs, filling Little Girl’s prescription and a couple other errands, instead of laying on the couch eating bon-bons and reading romance novels like I’d planned..:P ) and it was so nice! It really takes a lot to drive back and forth so many times a day. What a keeper, he is!

And most randomly (because what would a post be like without random information about my life??!!), I am on a cleaning/purging/organizing kick (post-baby nesting? ha!) these days. We have the bad habit of collecting things on top of the tv entertainment center or stacking mail on my piano that needs to be filed, or the boys rooms filled with toys they don’t want/need or the embarassingly full storage porch filled with…stuff I need to get rid of.

So I am on a quest to sell things on Craigslist (since I can’t have a garage sale) so if you know of anyone who needs some baby items (baby boy clothes, double stroller, carseat, baby bedding, etc) please let me know! Not only would it help us de-clutter, which would be very helpful in any future moves, it will help us have a little money to replace our broken appliances…

so we can have more stuff…

to get rid of eventually….

so I can get organized….

Hmmm. Change of plans. We’re selling off everything and living in our van!


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