Birthday Weekend!

These Three:

Are very excited about birthday weekend! Especially that cute kid on the left:) He’s been counting down every day and can hardly believe that tomorrow he will officially be 4 years old and, in his words, “a big boy now.” (he is also willing to share his birthday with his little sis so that she can turn 4 months;) What a guy!
He may pretend to be shy sometimes but he wasn’t today at the Children’s Museum at Navy Pier when he informed a few people that it was his birthday tomorrow! We needed a little family time after the busyness of the past few weeks and what better excuse than to make one cute little…I mean, Big boy feel special?

So we journeyed down to Navy Pier by bus, with only minor mishaps on the way, including the boys and I falling as the bus driver jerked the bus into motion only a minute after we got on board, not giving us enough time to get seated properly. The boys are fine and I’m sure my thumb that I landed on backwards will heal in a few days;)

Zakkai had an absolute blast and said he wanted to stay all day! It was fun, except that E and I aren’t feeling the greatest (the colds have finally caught up with us) and she was a bit overwhelmed by all the people and noise and completely melted down towards the end. It’s a really neat museum and on our reciprocation list from a pass that we have so we get in free! Zakkai wants to go back every day, he says:)

All was well on the bus ride home~the baby fell sound asleep, Zakkai almost fell asleep, we had good seats.

And then just after Ben got off the bus with E at our stop, and just as I reached the bottom step with the boys to get off…the bus driver slammed the doors shut and took off, ignoring me yelling at him to stop! Thankfully, no one was hurt and I was able to burn off a little steam as we navigated the extra block and a half back to where Ben (who was totally bewildered) was waiting for me.

I may never ride the bus again!

Alls well that ends well though and we have a sweet almost 4 year old that is ecstatic over the 2 packages that came in the mail for him today and cannot wait to open them in the morning after some requested homemade blueberry muffins.

Ah, to be a kid again…


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