Birthday Celebrations!

Ready for picture overload? Got lots of pics from our weekend, trying to make our Z-man feel special:)

I feel like I really dropped the ball with him yesterday with no party or anything (but it has been a little crazy with lots of sickness and not lots of sleep) and we started out with a rough-ish morning which escaladed to chaotic meltdown around 3pm, only 1 hour before we were going to have a couple friends over for cupcakes:( Unfortunately, I had to cancel because it was a little too much so we ended up having a sort of quiet family celebration.

At least we sang, “Happy Birthday” to Zakkai 4 times, which is all he really cared about:)

Saturday at the Children’s Museum. We got such a late start, that by the time we got there it was lunch time! We ate our packed lunch in the botanical garden area, which is so peaceful and fun!

Zakkai kept saying, “Is this for my birthday? Are we celebrating my birthday?” Remember what it was like to have a whole day that was ALL yours when you were little? Nothing matters but your birthday:)
Samuel loved the little ponds and fountains that kept squirting out funny shoots of water. He had a great time!

And this pretty girl really wanted to come out of the stroller and see what was so cool! She loved sitting with daddy:)

Zakkai’s very favorite part was the fire truck! You can “drive” it, turn on lights, play with fire hoses and even put out a fire on a screen. He did NOT want to see anything else!!

The boys trying to sell Daddy some $8 oranges. They’ve been living in the city too long! ha.
And it’s birthday day! Opening a few presents that came in the mail while waiting for breakfast to be done. He got some new musical instruments..

And a dragon egg-hatching toy! It was a BIG hit to watch the dragon hatch! Breakfast, what breakfast? We’re busy!

Zakkai’s blueberry muffins with a candle:) The first “Happy Birthday” song of the day…

Probably the biggest gift hit (a gift from Samuel with a little hint from mommy:) was a disposable camera! He loves cameras and had a blast blinding everyone by taking pictures..

After hours of begging, pleading, whining and snitching candy, it was time for cupcakes! I admit, I didn’t spend as much time on them as I had planned since I was frazzled by that point and had a baby demanding to go to bed however, they turned out pretty cute! This was Zakkai’s masterpiece, crooked eyes and all:)
The rest of ours. Samuel and Daddy chose to have green cyclops monster cupcakes. Boys! The icing was just a little too soft but I would love to try these again and see if I could do them better. Oh, is that the perfectionist in me talking?

Ben was proud of his cupcake and wanting me to take a close-up. Too bad I made it! haha. The boys added a green mouth at the bottom since they know daddy loves green..

And I felt exactly like my cupcake! Frazzled, messy, tired and full of sweet-love for my birthday boy!

We all had a sugar crash by bedtime:)

Tomorrow…4 month post for Eliana!


2 thoughts on “Birthday Celebrations!

  1. Loved every picture too. Aunt Patti and Uncle Ron are with us. And will you tell Z that his Birthday gift if back in Ohio so it will come later. Tell his I'm so sorry should have brought it down to fl. but alas did not. So I pray your Birthday was special Zakki. Love you so. Grandma great and grandpa great.


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