4 Months of Adorableness!

Can’t believe 4 months of Eliana-love has flown by! It seems like it was only last month that I was very pregnant, anxiously awaiting the seemingly far-off arrival of our princess. I wanted to know what she would look like, her personality, her smell, feel her soft skin…

I am crazy in love with this little round, butterball of sweetness!! In the past month she has:

*learned to turn around sideways and upside down in her cradle, hence our need to set up her crib now! That and…it would be nice to sleep in our bed again:)

*really developed a personality! She has come alive in the past couple of weeks, cooing, saying very loud, “Ah, ahh, ahhhhh’s” and shrieking sometimes:)

*started laughing more and more, loving to be kissed on her belly and softly tickled, or gently blown on her forehead with a little puff of air.

*kicks her legs like she’s practicing for a soccer championship! She gets more exercise than I do! haha

*has broken (with help) her paci addiction (1 whole week now!!) and goes to sleep “Ah, ahhhhing” loudly til she fades away. She also loves to cuddle with a little soft, pink elephant that I bought her before she was born. Thinking of getting another one just in case it becomes “the One.” 🙂

*moved to size 2 diapers and weighs 12 lbs 10 oz (the size of the boys at 2 months!) and is 23 3/4 inches long. She’s a dainty little thing~about 10-20% for height and weight but I am not worried!

*developed a newfound love for toys! Within days of starting to reach for them, she was mouthing them…leading to much drool and the beginning of bib-usage;) It is really fun to hand her toys and see her so happily entertained for awhile! The boys love it, too, and I have to stop them from trying shove toys in her mouth.

Ah….brotherly love:)

*changed so much in this past month so it’s no wonder that she doesn’t want to sleep at night anymore! She is too excited about life and all the interesting things around her….why sleep??!! Really, it’s not that bad, just 1-2 times a night and I’m sure she’ll grow out of it.

Happy 4 months, Sweet Girl! Slow down, will ya?


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