Catch A Break?

Spending the day at home with a very sick little boy:( Poor Zakkai cannot catch a break!! He just started to get better last week from a nasty 2 week battle with a cold/virus and ironically, worsened yesterday within an hour or two of returning from his 4 yr check-up!

Poor little guy was up ALL night coughing so badly and having breathing issues (possibly croup or something similar) and woke up with a doozy of a fever and threw up everywhere (prob from coughing):(

And so, today I am thankful for: tylenol, Rays (his blankets), PBS and 2 strong arms to cuddle my miserable little boy. Get better soon, my buddy!

(taken during sickness #1)


One thought on “Catch A Break?

  1. I am so sorry Z is still not feeling well. I know he is in the best hands – and loving arms.
    Also, I enjoyed the blogs on all the 4 year and 4 month celebrations. What precious grandchildren I have! (And their parents…)


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