According to Samuel spring is coming next week! Wouldn’t that be great?

I, for one, would love to feel the fresh spring air flowing through our open windows, to take the boys (and E!) to the park, would love to leave coats, hats and mittens at home….ah, spring.

I know it will come, it does every year. It probably just sounds wonderful right now because we are spending much time in our “sick home!”


Z woke up much improved this morning~fever-free and happier! He did well all morning but went downhill again after naptime:( He isn’t eating, claiming “his tummy doesn’t feel like food”, and lays around a lot. Poor kiddo! The fever returned this afternoon making him feel pretty crummy but I was able to tempt him with a “special drink” (our word for fruit smoothie) to get a few nutrients in him. Hopefully he can knock this thing out with some rest this weekend.


In other news:

*Today at the laundromat (we were desperate for some clean clothes!), some random lady dug through the trash after I threw some things away. And then continued to speak to me in Spanish after I made it very clear that I didn’t speak Spanish. She also stood so close to me when I was unloading clothes from the driers that I could feel her breath on my neck.

It was a lovely morning at the laundromat.

*I finally washed 3-6 month clothes for Little Miss, who is finally beginning to fit into some (although she is still quite happy in a lot of her 0-3 month clothes). This little girl has so many clothes for the next few months, I’ll just have to change her clothes twice a day!

*I also am hopefully selling my first item(s) on Craiglist! I’ve never had much luck posting things on there with either no response or people who act like they are going to buy your item and then you never hear from them again. But I have a soon-to-be mama that possibly wants to buy ALL my baby boy clothes!! (NB-18mos) I am excited to be clearing out a ton of space on my storage porch, if a little sad to be letting go of my little boy things. I had 4-5 people vying for my double stroller and then strangely things fell through with all of them. (mostly they couldn’t drive here or something). I’ll try again!

*My thumb is still swollen inside and painful after my exciting bus adventures last weekend. Hmm..wonder if I should get it checked out? ha.

*Samuel’s class celebrated 100 days of school today (the actual 100th day was yesterday but celebration today) by doing 100 piece puzzles, getting a special lunch, making a trail mix and each brought in a 100 piece collection project. Kids brought in things like 100 sticker, legos, crayons (that was ours), silly bandz, fruity cheerios, etc. They had a lot of fun!

*And lastly, we are still trying to figure out where to put Eliana, as we are still (1 1/2 weeks later) sleeping on the couch! We have such limited options: the pantry? closet? (kidding!!) either she gets our room and we indefinitely sleep out in the living room or she shares Ben’s office which opens up a new realm of problems. sigh. If anyone has any magic solutions, let me know!!

I’m off to catch some beauty rest before duty calls….


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