Sorry there was no post yesterday! Actually a lot of weekends I take Saturdays off from blogging to relax and have family time but my excuse this weekend was exhaustion-from-caring-for-a-sick-child! Good excuse?

I think so.

Thankfully, I can report FINALLY that I think Zakkai has turned the corner. Friday and Saturday he woke up feeling a little better, giving me hope that he was leaving this nasty illness in the dust, only to completely backslide after naptime and go back into fevers, feeling cruddy, and being generally pathetic.

Today is the first day in 6 days that he has been entirely fever-free! Hooray! His poor nose/lip area is so sore that he has been crying if we dare to touch it (to put vaseline on it) and he really started fighting getting his meds (didn’t want the mask to touch his lip or nose:( ) until I came up with good bribes like: “Hey, you can help me puff the inhalers!” or “You can have a sticker for each medicine you get tonight” or “there is a special prize for you if you take your medicine well!!!”

I am very tricky like that. (insert patting on the back.)

It has worked so far and hopefully, when he goes in for his follow-up Tuesday morning, the dr will say he can be done with his steriod and inhaler. I am, understandably, a little nervous about sending him back to school as he is just barely recovering and the dr warned me that him getting sick again in the next 6-8 weeks could send him back to the dr’s pretty quickly since his lungs haven’t had a chance to heal.

Sigh. I can only hope that he will continue to get stronger and be able to fight off nasty preschooler germs!


And my little cutie pie is now quite happily residing in her crib, as of this morning!

She has been pushing off of her cradle sides with her feet and waking up crying in the night because her head is so tightly up against the bars and she can’t move! Stinker.

So we decided it was time to give her a little more space and freedom and haul out (and dust off) our trusty crib. And she loves it!! We put her in it for a few minutes to get a feel for it and she was talking and laughing. Very cute.

And then she took a 2 1/2 hour nap in it! I’d say that’s a pretty good stamp of approval:) Sorry for the bad pics, sometimes it’s just so much faster to upload cell phone pics rather than camera pics. With my crappy photo software, it takes me 45 min-1 hour to upload and edit my pics from our camera and get them onto the blog.

So you can possibly see why I avoid it sometimes! Anyways, we’ve spent a quiet weekend here at home allowing Z the chance to recover.

And maybe to recover ourselves:)


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