Stylin’ Baby

 Alternately titled: Cindy Lou Who  🙂
Little Cindy Lou loooooves her bathtime! Unlike the boys, it has become a nightly routine to give her a bath as she adores it so much and it calms her. E has loved bathtime since she was born. She knows it is bedtime after her bath!
She is continuing to make some improvements, thankfully. At least, she is back to being pretty happy and it’s nice to see her smiling again! I’m hoping her digestive track will get back to normal soon and am not sure how long that will take…
Because now that I am not eating dairy (which I am a little skeptical of…), I WANT it so bad! Grilled cheese, ice cream, a glass of milk……I must be pouting or something because it makes me not want to cook. If I can’t have milk, no one can have milk!
Bah hum-bug.
Well, I supposed after looking at this little cherub face…it is worth it:)
Yes, definitely worth it!


Want a little glimpse into 5 year old attitude?

And so it begins….
Yesterday Samuel came with me on a diaper-run after school and it was so nice to spend a little bit of time with just him; something that doesn’t happen very often these days. As we were pulling into the parking lot he said, “The clouds looks so fluffy and soft! Are they made out of cotton? Can we get one down?”

After fumbling through an explanation of what clouds are made of (science refresher anyone?), I explained that we couldn’t get one down . We got out of the car and he paused and said, “Couldn’t we get a really tall ladder and get one down with a rope? They have some ladders at school..”

I love kid’s imaginations!!
I tried to get a picture of Z today but he wasn’t feelin’ it. So he ran away:)
I took Eliana to the Dr’s today because she just hasn’t been able to shake this virus so I wanted to make sure that she is okay. It was as I suspected: a virus and I was told to cut out dairy products from my diet for a few days because after a gastrointestinal virus, you are temporarily lactose intolerant. So that may be the cause of her continued symptoms, I guess.

Thankfully today she seemed happier and more lively than she has in a week so that is good news! Here is a video for your enjoyment of her trying to roll over:) She tries (sometimes half-heartedly) many, many times (as you can see)before she finally gets it. She thinks it’s funny to roll away and come back to us and has really enjoyed time on the floor lately!! She getting so fun!

And of course, she didn’t actually roll over in the video…..She did it 1 minute later! Silly girl!

Project Simplify

I finally made it to the store to empty my camera’s memory card on CD’s. Over 900 pictures later….
Yikes! I had over a year’s worth of pictures on my camera and am still working my way through, erasing them one by one. Why not just erase them all at once, you ask? Because the CD’s wouldn’t accept my videos, so those have to stay on my camera. Any great ideas on how to save those safely? They are on my computer but this computer is a dinosaur and heading in the direction of the computer retirement home so I need to back-up them up somehow and I’m no computer genius!
 Anyhoo, I’m now free to take as many pictures as I like of my sweet chickies! Take this one for instance: Rosy Cheeks? Check. Golden dark blond hair? Check. Baby blues? Check. Pretty dress for church? Check. Kissable? Check. Check.
Not much new to report here other than still longing for spring, warmth and health! Z has yet another cold but at least he had a brief respite before getting another one. E still has some strange virus or something but hopefully will be coming out of it soon. She finally slept really well last night! She really needed a good night’s sleep. Now if only she could stay consistent…
I wanted to share a blog that I came across that is doing a 5 week “Project Simplify“…right up my ally!! She chose 5 “hotspots” to go through in your home, 1 per week, and help get rid of clutter and organize. I totally missed doing it with them but am going through on my own. It really helps to have someone guiding you through organizing. Well…it helps me anyways;)
It took me awhile to do the closet one because Miss E has taken over our room and it seems like she’s always in there sleeping or trying to sleep (or fighting sleep) so I had to do it in snatches. Amazing how many clothes you shove to the back of your closet and avoid because you don’t like them that much.
Anyways, join if you want and share with me and help me feel like I’m not the only one with clutter in her home!:)

What’s Going On?

Today’s updates:

*Eliana rolled over from back to stomach!! She was so happy, too, and had her brothers and I cheering her on all the way:)

*She also started pushing herself backwards in her walker. She is changing so fast everyday! Samuel said, “Stop changing so fast, Eliana!” We wholeheartedly agree!

*Poor little thing just keep fighting sickness. She just hasn’t been herself 100% for a few weeks. She has some stomach virus or something and had a rash for a few days, a runny nose and has had diarrhea for the past 3 days. Her poor bottom is raw! I just wish she could fight this off and get healthy!

*Zakkai came home from preschool the other day and told me that one of his teachers, Mrs Darby, wasn’t at school. I asked why and he said, “Because the boy that is Mrs. Darby’s son was growing up.” I said, “Are you sure he wasn’t….throwing up?” He shook his head adamantly and said, “No! He was growing up!” His teacher got a kick out of it when I told her the next day:)

*Tonight at dinner Ben was telling me about how a fellow student has a new girlfriend and suddenly Samuel leaned over and really softly said, “I have a girlfriend.” WHAT??? My baby has a girlfriend? How does he even know what a girlfriend is? (Never mind the fact that I had a “boyfriend” in first grade. His name was Sam and he ate paste.) I hastily choked down the food in my mouth, tuned Ben out (sorry, my Love!) and carefully looked at him and said, “Oh really? A girlfriend? What’s her name?”

He said, “Carlina.” and added shyly, “She likes me.” Ben was still talking in the background so I stopped him and casually drew his attention to our little side conversation. Then Samuel said, “She likes Eric, too.” I asked him if another girl (who sits next to him) was his girlfriend and he paused and said, “Yes. They are all my friends.”

Whew! Crisis averted. My baby doesn’t know what a girlfriend is. And I hope that lasts til he’s 23.

*This morning, we tromped outside for school only to find the weather was cold and there was actually frost on our car windows again. Samuel looked confused and said, “I thought it was Spring? Is winter…coming back?” I had to explain Chicago’s unfortunate tendency to prolong winter and delay spring. (as in: Winter=7 months, Spring=1 month.) Poor kiddo got a good taste of spring in the past week and has so enjoyed going to the park. Soon!

*Zakkai, who has wanted to be very close to me lately, was sitting on my lap this afternoon and he turned and looked at me with his gorgeous blue eyes that are going to melt some girl’s heart someday and said, after a moment, “Mommy, you’re pretty.” What a charmer!

*And speaking of charming, these sweet boys have been complimenting me at every dinner saying how wonderful the food is and thanking me. It’s a very nice reward after working hard to get a nutritious meal on the table!

*I am still on a roll with weeding through our overwhelming material possessions (where did all this stuff come from?) and have 3 more bags of stuff in my trunk to give to the Salvation Army! Somehow that is always the hardest part. The bags sit in my house forever and then I finally lug them out to the car where I drive around with them for so long that they blend into the car interior and I forget they are even there! 

*And last but not least, today I am wishing a very Happy 1st Birthday to my sweet nephew Jacob!

Yea for Friday tomorrow!

ps. sorry no pics! I need to empty my camera because the memory card is full!


 Tonight I am dreaming about vacation.
We took our very first family vacation last year to Florida and had a mostly really great time. The only hard part was that it always takes us (some of us more than others;) a little while to truly relax. It’s probably that way for most people! But Ben has an especially hard time since he has a never-ending mountain of work looming over him. So everywhere we go, the books and the computer go.
But tonight Ben told me that on this vacation, he will not bring (except some Tolstoy~a little light vacation reading;) I admit that I cried when he told me because it will be the very first time in at least 5 1/2 years that he has truly taken the time to relax and just “be” with us.
I cannot tell you how much I am looking foward to it! Especially since we are both feeling rather drained and depleted at the moment from years of stressful living.  I know that we all will soak up every single moment we have together, whether doing something exciting and “Florida-ish” or just sitting still and “being.”
Thank You, God, for this vacation!!!

p.s. Can’t wait to see little E in the sunny southern sunshine!! 🙂


Anyone else wishing spring would just stay already?? The weather has been so up and down! We had some gorgeous days this past week or so and then the past 2-3 days have been cold and rainy. Ick!
I like to blame the weather for our recent trend of being late to school. Sounds reasonable, doesn’t it? The gloomy mornings make us feel more sluggish and man, have we had a hard time getting out the door on time! I’m usually stepping on the gas (carefully:) by 7:53am, praying that we’ll miraculously make it to school by 7:55am. Hasn’t happened yet on those mornings:)
And lately at school they’ve had the “Tardy Police” (I haven’t copyrighted that name yet but I’m thinking about it..) standing in the hall as soon as you go up the stairs. If you are even 1 minute late, the T.D. say “Tardy!” and point you to the office where you have to shamefully wait for the little pink slip of doom, written out by the cranky, no-nonsense receptionist.
Doesn’t make much sense to me that even if you’re a minute late, you have to stand in a long line, get the slip and then take your kids to class where, by that point, they have now missed at least 10 minutes of class!
Today, miracle of all miracles, we were actually early. I almost felt like a rainbow was going to break through the cloudy, drizzly sky. But it didn’t. We had a talk last night about moving up our morning routine time-frame and everybody cooperating to get us out the door!
Let’s hope we broke the late streak!
Because it scares me to go into that office. Suddenly, I feel like I am 5 all over again…
The boys were watching a little movie this weekend while Ben ran to get something from the store and I was putting E to bed. Ben and I both came out/home at the same time to see these sweet brothers snuggling close on the couch.
They look a lot alike, don’t they?
Little Miss isn’t feeling the best this week, with another cold infesting her chubby body. She has perfected this new whine/whimper that has surprised us, as the boys were never “whiny” as babies! I’ve heard girls are different so I guess she’ll show us!  Thankfully, it doesn’t seem to be bad like her last one, just enough to make her uncomfortable. Hopefully it will pass soon.
And last but not least, I just wanted to say thank you to those of you who commented on my post yesterday. Your comments always make me so happy and keep me motivated to post often!! So keep the comments coming! It gives me something to look forward to in the evenings;)
Happy Tuesday!

Main Squeeze(s)

 I’m pretty lucky. And blessed:) I’ve got some really cool guys in my life. I’ve got my best friend, the Hubs and I also have my other two main squeezes.
These two little dudes and I used to be like white on rice. Like p’sketti sauce on spaghetti. Like jelly on toast. Like….well, you get the picture!
Before school-age cropped up, you could find me anywhere with my two guys glued to my sides. One for each hand. As a matter of fact, if I ever went anywhere without them, I felt almost…naked! More unsure of myself and what to do with my empty hands.
Who knew that a gal with a gaggle of sisters would ever end up having boys? I used to think “boys?? What in the world will I do with boys?! I’ll make them girlie! I don’t know a  things about dirt or trucks or being stinky or loud! Boys??”
But beyond the stinky, dirty, wrestling part, there is a really really great side to having boys. They love their Mama. They protect me, care for me, hug me and kiss me and really enjoy being around me. And that’s even after all of the mistakes I’ve made raising them!
I really love my boys!
Okay. I need your honest opinion. I’m reallllly going out on a limb here even posting this picture and will probably kick myself for the rest of the evening for being so silly and vulnerable.
But then I’ll eat some chocolate so I’ll feel better.
What would you say if I got bangs? I know, right? I have always shied away from bangs because they have this terrible rep. There’s always this really awkward phase that you have to go through where the bangs are down to the tops of your ears and you can’t pull them back and you can’t wear them down. But supposedly bangs are “IN” now. And surely, they know how to do bangs better than they used to?
So I tested them out on Ben and Samuel yesterday as best as I could. (ignore the straggliness of them. They aren’t real! yet..) Just to see what they would say. Ben stopped talking in mid-sentence and just stared at me bemused for a minute. He continued to stare at me oddly for the next half an  hour when he thought I wasn’t looking. Clearly, bangs are a very deep, philosophical debate to be waged over.
Samuel told me I looked skinnier, younger and my eyes looked lighter. And after he, too, stared at me for a good half an hour, he asked me to take them away and said he didn’t like them because they were “different” and “weird.”
So I can’t count on the men in my life. They are too freaked out.
So it’s up to you to talk me out of it or to let me go wild and have a mid-life crisis!
Of course, if I should start wearing aqua eye-shadow, french rolling my jeans and wearing leg warmers with 6 different pairs of differently colored socks, go ahead and just lock me away.
It means I’ve lost my mind for good this time.