Hey there, Little Lady, did you miss the agreement that we made when you were born that you’re never allowed to get sick? Don’t you know it breaks your mama’s (exhausted) heart?

Or is this your ploy to get even more kisses and hugs? If so, it’s working!


As you can sadly read, Miss Pink has joined ranks with her hacking brother and woke up suddenly this morning with a terrible cough and congestion. She sounds pretty bad:( Thankfully, Z already had a follow-up visit scheduled for this morning and the dr was kind enough to listen to her lungs to give me a little peace of mind.

We are under strict orders to keep a close eye on her and to bring her in immediately if she sounds anything like Z did this past week. I probably won’t sleep a wink tonight!

Which is really sad, considering how tired I am:)


In good news, Mr Z has an all-clear to stop taking his medicines because he sounds so much better!! He is NOT sad at saying farewell to his inhalers:) He also finally got to bring his birthday treat to school and get celebrated by his teachers and friends. He had quite a smile on his face today!


And I had my first successful Craigslist sale today!! A lady and her husband came and bought ALL my baby boy clothes and outfitted their soon-to-be son for the first year and a half of life. Woo! It’s a great feeling to let go of some things and clear out some space!

I just feel really bad that they got accosted by a crazy lady on their way out to their car……


And continuing my thoughts on simplifying my life and getting rid of/organizing/and rearranging things (household and in my schedule!), I’ve realized it doesn’t need to be huge changes to impact my life.

For example, I recently rearranged a few kitchen cabinets and moved dishes over the sink (which has cut down on my time when restocking clean dishes!) and moved my spice cabinet lower so I can actually reach them (I know…rocket science, right?). We also moved our kitchen table from the dining room into our kitchen which has been really great! I spend more time with the boys when preparing meals because they are right with me instead of in the other room and it makes for easier clean-up.

It’s really simple things that can make a big difference. And now I find myself looking around thinking, “What can I rearrange or move or get rid of in here to make things more organized or to help me?” I am really excited about this new thought-train considering I may or may not have been labeled a pack rat before…

“My children might want to read this paper I wrote in 8th grade someday” or “Samuel drew that paper when he was 2 1/2 years old…” or “That was the very first outfit that he wore.” Just being honest about the way I think!!

So, to remind myself and possibly to motivate you (in case you ever need motivation!), maybe I’ll start adding some brief tips each week on simplifying your life as I figure out how to do it.

And if you already know how to do it and have your life all figured out….just smile and nod with me, okay?



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