Where I start pulling out old pictures because I’m too tired to upload new ones…

Surely you can forgive me for no new pictures since my life is a little hectic always right now?

Yeah, that’s right. My mommy’s working overtime trying to take care of my little sis. Wus’ up?
Um….have you checked to make sure all of your lightbulbs are working lately? Because, if not, I can come over and help you! 🙂


Quick story: (although, it was probably much funnier when it happened and only to me….) I took Samuel to the laundromat the other day to get a few little prizes out of the quarter machine for both boys. Z brought his little dinosaur to school the other day to show his friends;)

That day I brought him a banana to eat after school since we were running to the store as soon as I picked him up. I strapped him in and saw him pulling his little dinosaur out of his bookbag as I got back in the car and started driving. I saw him looking at something and he said, “Hey! Where did you get this?”

Assuming he was talking about the dinosaur and just wanted to hear (again) where I got it, I said, “Remember I took Samuel to the laundromat the other day? We put the quarters in the machine, twisted the knob and it came out!!”

His eyes grew really big and he said incredulously, “A banana came out?!!” Only then did I realize that he’d been looking at the banana all along, probably wondering how his crazy mother gets bananas out of quarter machines! We both had a good laugh over that one:)


My poor sweet baby is just feeling so yucky:( She is so congested and I cringe everytime I hear her cough. She cried a very sad, “I don’t feel good. Please hold me” cry all day today. About 15 minutes before Ben got home this afternoon, she woke up crying from a nap and I bundled her in a soft blanket and walked around and around the living room, trying to comfort her because she felt so bad.

I had just gotten her settled enough to eat when Ben came home and do you know what she did? She looked up at him and smiled for the first time today! Little Stinker! The smiles didn’t last long but they did prove something that we already know: She loves her daddy and he loves her!

I’m really hoping she feels better tomorrow and that she sleeps as well as she did last night! I was a little panicked this morning and jerked awake at 5:30am, realizing I hadn’t heard a peep from her all night. I checked on her quickly and she stirred a little but quickly settled back into a good sleep til 7am! She really needed that rest.

And I did, too!!


One thought on “Where I start pulling out old pictures because I’m too tired to upload new ones…

  1. Aww, I hope she sleeps good tonight. You guys just can't catch a break! I think you need to move to a warmer climate. 😉 I pray that you can all be healthy for a while after this is over!


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