Boys in the Kitchen and Bumbos!

For the first time in a week, we finally had a decent day without major illness or mishap! And that doesn’t count Z and his current 3rd (or 4th?) cold in the past 5 1/2 weeks or the diarrhea battle the boys have both been fighting. Eliana is well on her way to recover (finally!), except for leftover congestion and a cough she can’t shake.

It’s hard to feel down with 47 degree weather and sun, though!

E would like to thank her special friend Miss Jennifer, for the gracious gift of a Bumbo seat! She likes to sit in it for a few minutes while I prep for dinner:)
It’s the cutest thing ever to turn around and spot this little dainty butterball sitting in her little “couch” on the table!


And speaking of dinner: The boys (with a little help from Daddy) made dinner on Saturday night! We are instituting a new weekly dinner where the boys get to plan it out and help prepare it. This is in addition to weekly homemade pizza (Fri nights) and Breakfast for dinner (Sunday nights).

They were SO excited to help! They got busy washing and chopping fruit for the fruit salsa, using their Ikea plastic knives. They did a pretty good job!

They also helped to make Sweet N’ Sour Meatballs (they looked and tasted much better in person, promise!) and Rice. They measured ingredients and even dug in their (clean) hands to mix the meat and other ingredients and help form the meatballs.

The fruit salsa was accompanied by cinnamon tortilla chips, which everyone loved!
Proud Chef #1 thoroughly enjoyed his meal! Makes everything taste a little better when you put a little work into it:)

And Picky Chef #2, who would have happily dined only on Fruit Salsa and Cinnamon Chips if I would’ve let him.

They are already happily planning the next edition of “Boys in the Kitchen.” 🙂

Recipes adapted from:


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