Down, Down, Down

(Cue heroic civil war battle music)

It began with Zakkai. And passed quickly to Samuel and back to Zakkai. And then Zakkai again. On to Eliana and just when she began to show signs of recovery, back to Zakkai (again). And then on to Ben, most recently.

I have fought a valiant fight, amidst kissing and loving little sick ones, caressing fevered brows, administering medicines and hugs; changing bedding and tossing snotty rags in the laundry. I stood firm through 4 drs visits in 1 1/2 weeks, through being sneezed and coughed on with alarming regularity. My hands were cleaned thoroughly after wiping noses, disinfecting toilets, door knobs and light switches daily. I plowed on with the enduring strength that only a mother, who has no time to consider anything else but keeping on with the daily schedule despite the attack of germs on every side, can have.

Yet tonight I find myself sinking into the mucky mire faster than a torpedoed battleship. I’m going down, down, down with the best of them. But even as I feel the claws of sickness grasping at me, trying its hardest to lure me in, I will still fight.

Because when the mama goes down…..we all go down.


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