We are still chugging along over here in our germ-infested home. There are several “Operations” that will be put into play soon due to a stressful winter and 6+ weeks of constant illness.

1)”Operation Kill-The-Germs”

*Effective at 8:15am tomorrow as soon as I get back from dropping off the boys.

*Doesn’t matter how cruddy I feel….all germs must go!!

2) “Operation Sunshine” (otherwise known as “Operation De-Stress”)

*We are on a prayerful mission to somehow find the money to go on a little
family vacation, as we find ourselves reaching the stress limits of 5 1/2 years of
graduate school and big-city living and are desperate for a little time away!

*The boys and I pulled out our coin jars (the large jars we toss loose change in) and began the tedious process of counting. So far we tallied enough for 1 whole tank of gas:) woohoo.

3)”Operation Spring”

*Not much we can do to hurry this one along but we plan to take full advantage of any fresh air/warmer temperatures that come our way in hopes that outdoor exercise and a little Vitamin D (not to mention happier spirits) can chase the icky sickness away!

E having tummy time on our wonderful couch-bed:) She loves watching her crazy big brothers!


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