Stylin’ Baby

 Alternately titled: Cindy Lou Who  🙂
Little Cindy Lou loooooves her bathtime! Unlike the boys, it has become a nightly routine to give her a bath as she adores it so much and it calms her. E has loved bathtime since she was born. She knows it is bedtime after her bath!
She is continuing to make some improvements, thankfully. At least, she is back to being pretty happy and it’s nice to see her smiling again! I’m hoping her digestive track will get back to normal soon and am not sure how long that will take…
Because now that I am not eating dairy (which I am a little skeptical of…), I WANT it so bad! Grilled cheese, ice cream, a glass of milk……I must be pouting or something because it makes me not want to cook. If I can’t have milk, no one can have milk!
Bah hum-bug.
Well, I supposed after looking at this little cherub face…it is worth it:)
Yes, definitely worth it!

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