Clones and Vases

I think it’s so funny when people try to analyze who your kids look like? You? Your husband? Your borther? The mailman? (totally kidding!) Your mother’s uncle’s cousin’s sister?

We have been mixed on who E looks like. She looked exactly Zakkai when she was born (and therefore me!) but then we started to see both boys and now we are seeing SO much of Samuel! Take this picture for instance. She did this exact same thing tonight!

I didn’t get a picture but all you have to do is add some hair…rounder eyes, Z’s nose….Well, you get the idea! So interesting how you can make 3 children that all look similar and yet so very different.
Eliana has decided that being around us is the cat’s meow! She has talked non-stop for the past two days, shrieking and doing her special inhaling sound (I’ll have to get it on video) and just watching us so intently. I woke up to her talking and doing her funny sound just before 4:30am today!
I do love her but….doesn’t she know that before 6am doesn’t count as morning?
Ben and I had a couple important errands to run and were about 1/2 an hour late to pick up Z from school. I knew ahead of time that we would be late and asked a friend’s mom if she could take him home from preschool with her. He greeted me with the biggest smile and his buddy’s mom said he and Taylor, her daughter, had SUCH  good time together! She said Taylor gave Z a tour of the whole house and they got stuck on counting the fireplaces and trying to figure out how they worked.
I said, “That sounds like Zakkai!” He has quite the mechanical mind:) He talked about those fireplaces and every other little detail that he soaked in during that 1/2 hour non-stop for the rest of the day…..Love this boy!
We started a new little thing to see if we could get Zakkai to stay in his bed because he likes to come out no fewer than 5 times to tell us that there is a toy on the ground or the closet door is open or he needs drink #3 or…..
I read this little blurp in a magazine where this lady said she gave her daughter 5 pennies if she could stay in bed without coming out and each time she came out, she lost a penny. We thought it was a great idea because a)we have about a thousand pennies in a jar   b)the boys love putting money in their piggy banks  c)he has no idea that pennies are really worth practically nothing and it makes him feel so important!
We decided on 2 pennies for naptime (he is in that in between phase where he still needs naps but is starting to fight them more and more..) and 3 pennies for bedtime and it is working like a charm!! We usually only have to take away 1 before he gets serious and sometimes none at all:)
Now Samuel wants to earn pennies, too:)
I am continuing to follow, at my very slow own pace, the suggestions from Project Simplify (which I mentioned last week) and working through our home to de-clutter. I have another full bag of stuff to donate from the past few days of a few more clothes, bags (have I mentioned my bag/purse fettish?), and books. They are going to start to know me by name at the SA!
I am really enjoying this and finding it easy than ever before to get rid of stuff that I have hung on to for so many years “just in case.”
Hey,  you never know when you are going to need that vase that someone got you a bazillion years ago that you’ve only used once!

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