Brotherly Love

 The boys have been playing so nicely together lately! They randomly go off into their room, shut the door and play for and hour or so at a time~without screaming and fighting (well, not too much anyways….).
One thing they have enjoyed doing together lately is Lite Brite.
I worked really hard to get a vintage Lite Brite for Christmas for the boys (ebay buyers are cutthroat these days!) because I loved mine so much as a child! Here they are working hard on their 44 year old toy….

Apparantly they don’t make toys quite like they used to because I can’t imagine any of their current toys lasting 44 years!!
I did have to explain the old beat up box to Samuel though….:)
And today they spent some time in the fresh air on the porch kicking a ball back and forth. Until they dropped it off the rails down to the sidewalk.
That reminds me, I should probably go get that….
It’s a nice quiet weekend here! The best kind…

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