Scatter Brain.

Thank you so much for the “virtual” hugs and love you sent to me:) I definitely accept all hugs and encouragement!
*Eliana’s rash looks much better today and didn’t worsen by the end of the day like it has been. We will see…
*She officially turned into a screetcher/screamer today:P She started whining like a puppy a few days ago and now thinks it’s pretty cool to use her voice that way. Me thinks someone is spoiled.
But don’t tell her I said that.
*Zakkai is still limping but we are keeping an eye on him. His sweet teachers had the school nurse check him out and they iced it:) He said if it doesn’t improve in the next few days to take him in. To my favorite place. As if I have time to go to the dr’s every week!
Bring back housecalls, I say!
*I snuck over to Target while Miss Personality was napping this morning to get a few things for our trip and to my wonderful luck, not only did M.P. wake up like 5 minutes later, but Target’s networking system was down so I stood in a return line for 15 precious, wasted minutes before finding it out and then had to just leave because I was going to be late picking up Z from school.
*So then I tried to make a return trip tonight (trying to fit everything in before we leave!!) and who do you think decided she did NOT want to go to bed? Oh yes. Missy Pants screetched her head off the entire time I was gone. I felt a little frustrated that she seems to have this 6th sense about when I am going to leave her….
Doesn’t she realize that even mommies need a little down time?
*And while I was at Target, the cashier (a very interesting man, shall we say..) had me hold up my Target RedCard/debit card to show to the people behind me. It was a little embarassing. He was trying to get me to sell it to the lady who looked a little taken aback.
On a sidenote: if you do spend as much time at Target as I do (I do almost all my grocery shopping/household needs shopping there), I highly recommend the Target Debit Card! No fees at all, it just comes straight out of your checking account and you get 5% off your total every single time. Works for me!
*Unfortunately Target isn’t sponsoring me to make that last statement. Although they really should….
*We have a misc portion to our monthly budget which is for things like laundry, Ben’s medicine, vitamins, a treat, etc. The past couple of months I have used a tiny portion to buy a cheap used book on Amazon as a treat:) (sshhhh! don’t tell!)
This month I got “Organized Simplicity” by Tsh Oxenreider. I cannot tell you how much I am enjoying it! Some people, as I have said before, have the knack for just being organized and thrifty and simple and non-pack rat-ish. I do not. I felt the need to have something in front of me to look at with guidelines for getting organized, purging, etc as sometimes it feels overwhelming.
The whole first half of the book is about examining your life and seeing where all of your extra time/energy/money is going and evaluating your priorities. It is filled with thought-provoking questions, shocking statistics (ex: The average American spends 112 hours a MONTH watching t.v. or 2 whole months annually. TWO MONTHS of straight tv watching!) and guidelines for making a family purpose statement about how you want to live.
The second half is “Ten Days to a Simpler, More Organized Home” and takes you through the rooms of your house with checklists, tips, projects, etc. I’m looking forward to that part!
Anyways, so far I highly recommend the book! At least, if you want to have a little less chaos (um, check!), a little less clutter (please?), a little more time for hobbies that you neglect (again…like me!) or a more organized home so you can feel peace when you walk in the door and have more time to enjoy your spouse and/or family (me, me, me!).
I suppose it’s a little ironic that I am adding a book to my collection while trying to get rid of things…haha! But really, it helps me to have this in front of me.
Since I am completely scatterbrained. As a matter of fact, I could probably write a book on it. I think I would call it….”The Life of Noodle-Brain.”
It would be a best-seller, I’m sure…

One thought on “Scatter Brain.

  1. Here's my question – if you are doing something else while watching TV, does it count as true TV watching? I don't think I ever just sit and watch TV. I'm always doing something while I watch TV (like working, making dinner, folding laundrey, etc.) Anyway, just trying to make it so that I don't feel guilty about having the TV on. 🙂


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