Day 6

 I just took the (unfortunate) time to add up vacation expenses. Let’s just say with the prices of things such as gas and food being so high (ex. Chicago’s gas? $4.55)….the vacation expenses fell somewhere between “Ouch!” and “Boooiiinnngg!” (Name that movie and you get special mention!!!) Yuck.
It was worth it. I must say, I am going through Grandma/Grandpa withdrawal:( It was so nice to spend time being refreshed, loved, and filled up after a painful season. We love you, Gma and Gpa!
The weather got super hot right after we arrived~it was over 90 degrees and really humid for a couple of days.  We ventured down to one of the Town Squares and checked out a few shops, let the baby get admired by many people and got to see something very cool.

 One minute he was this small…. (cue Jaws music~nevermind that it’s not a shark…)

 And the next thing we knew…..Cool, right?! Of course, Note to the Man dangling food for the alligator: “Did you see the sign that says ‘Do Not Feed the Alligators?’ “

 Before we melted away in the hot sun, we decided to get some delicious ice-cream cones (the first of many:) at Haagen-Dazs!

” I’m hot, too, Mommy! Ice Cream for me??”

 “I know you’re up there somewhere in the bright sun, mommy…”

 And we followed up our busy day with some more pool-time!! This time Eliana loved the water:)

 See look, I was in Florida, too!:)

 Beautiful boy enjoying the sun!

 Samuel making one of his notorious goofy faces at me instead of smiling:) This kid has a great sense of humor!

But no matter how much I pleaded for a nice smile…this was the best I could get;)

More smiles to come!!


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