Spanish Springs

 More Vacation Pics! On Wednesday, E’s 6 month bday, we went to Spanish Springs, a town square, to have a little family time while my grandparents went to pic up my mom and stepdad at the airport.
It was hot but sunny and relaxing! We stopped to admire some fountains…
And chew on some toys….Well, E did anyways:)

 And after a yummy lunch, we bought another ice cream cone!

 You can never have too much ice cream on vacation. It’s a rule! Samuel was very happy with his choice of Raspberry Sorbetto.

 And Zakkai was speechless (quite a feat, I can assure you!) with delight over his colorful Superman ice cream:)

 The next day, my mom helped the boys get busy decorating eggs!

 They spent some serious time decorating their eggs with stickers! And then it took quite awhile to peel the eggs for some taste-testing:)

I love how quickly the boys adapted to being in a house with a yard and the freedom to roam, play, shriek, laugh and just be little boys.

Hard to believe we were just leaving one week ago…


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