Eliana has experienced a lot of “firsts” lately and I have tried to take as many pics as I can;) I am trying to savor every minute of this last babyhood that I get to experience!
E’s hair is getting so long and I have to put it in bows everyday or it hangs in her eyes. But there is always another alternative….
Meet…Pebbles!! My mom laughed when she saw a similar picture I sent her because she used to do the exact same thing to my hair when I was a baby and called me Pebbles, to boot! Actually, I think she looks so much like my baby pictures in this picture that it’s uncanny….my mini-me?

 And then Pebbles got to sit in her new highchair for the first time! (courtesy of Grandma!) Here we are preparing to play another rousing game of “Musical Spoon.” She also got to taste carrots for the first time this weekend. She’s not quite sure about food but we keep trying..

 Missy Pooh is also becoming a pro at tummy-sleeping. I think we’re over the waking-up-in-the-middle-of-the-night-screaming-b/c-we’re-on-our-tummy phase. That’s a relief!! She still doesn’t prefer it but at least she’s not protesting quite so much. Don’t worry, the elephant in front of her face got moved:) She is becoming buddies with her pink elephant and elephant blanket!

 We’re working hard on sitting up! This is one of the first pictures I’ve gotten with her sitting up. Okay..the second:) She is also wearing her beautiful hand-knitted sweater from our good friend, Miss D!

Jumping in the Jumparoo! I’m still not quite sure what she thought of the whole experience. It was so different for her and the boys were in her face the whole time, enthralled by this amazing new toy. I think if we hadn’t kept a closer eye on them, they would’ve either swung her around like a monkey in a tree or climbed in themselves. Boys!

Jumping Jelly-Bean!


One thought on “Firsts

  1. “Pebbles” is so cute. How amazing that your mom did the same and called you the same…Heidi, if she grows up to be like her mother, this world will be better for it. She looks so cute with her hair on her head. The video is precious.


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