Bribes, Babies and Boys

I’m back! Blogger was having issues last night so it wouldn’t let me get on to post. Bummer.

Not too much going on the past couple of days. Zakkai has been my buddy since he had no preschool the past 2 days. He has taken advantage of it by spending lots of time riding Samuel’s “big boy” bike on the front porch:)

Speaking of bikes…Zakkai has officially been bribed to do his “business” on the potty (instead of his pull-up) ALL the time (instead of once every other week). He has been told that he can earn a big boy bike of his own and he has requested a blue one with a black horn:)

The only problem is that Samuel’s bike is the perfect size for Zakkai and Samuel needs a bigger bike. Plus no money for TWO bikes (let alone one!) makes for a rock and a hard place! Ben’s solution is to spray paint Samuel’s bike blue and buy a horn to make it a “new” bike for Z and then we can ask for $ for Samuel’s upcoming bday this summer for a new bike for him. Desperate times call for desperate measures…

But I do feel bad that Zakkai always gets the hand-me-downs and rarely the new stuff! But as long as he is happy with the solution, I guess that’s what matters!

Plus, it’s motivating him to do his “bidness.” 🙂

Little Sis is doing her own “bidness” these days;) Starting to get on her hands and knees, scooting backwards and generally instilling fear in her old parents. She is waaay too close to some serious mobility for my liking! And much earlier than her big bros, for that matter.
Babies. Why do they have to change so fast?!
And last but certainly not least, my soon-to-be kindergarten graduate (double sniff!) is just so sweet. He has been begging me to sleep with him in his bed some night and I kept putting him off, being that he sleeps on the top bunk and I have fears of it collapsing into a heap of wood and stuffed animals as soon as I climb up!
But last night, as Zakkai was sitting on the potty and Samuel was laying quietly in their room, I hoisted myself up into the top bunk and laid next to my sweet boy and we had such a nice conversation without distractions. It brought back memories of sleeping in the top bunk myself as a little girl. He loved hearing about that;) We talked about all sorts of things for a little while and he gave me the biggest hug before I left.
It’s the little things that matter!

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