Mrs Simplicity

All this talk and impending pressure of moving has re-kicked my derriere into gear in terms of organizing and simplifying!
I took a brief hiatus. Okay, actually I was feeling pretty down this past month and lost my interest in doing a lot of things, including tossing el-junko.
But. With less than 3 weeks to de-scarify my home so any poor soul who comes to help us doesn’t run away screaming, I have to get busy!
Remember this?
I’ve been continuing my read of this fantastic book and my high first opinion of it goes unchanged. What a great book! I love that she challenges you to decide what your priorities are as a family and to arrange your home in a way that reflects those priorities.
For example: She says to walk through your rooms and ask yourself questions like, “What is this room used for?” “Who uses this room?” or more specifically, something I am hoping to change, “Does the tv have to be the focal point of the living room?” (a.k.a. all furniture arranged around it in adoration).
There are also 2 key questions to ask yourself about the items in your home. 1)Is it useful? 2) Is it beautiful?  If the answer is no…toss it! (or donate or sell:)
I am finding these tools really helpful as I am starting to pack up our belongings once again; many things that I have faithfully dragged along with us over 3 states and 6 apartments, including things that are neither useful or beautiful!
It has been so freeing for me to let go of things that I have held on to for so long whether I needed them or not. But the best part, the part I am looking forward to the most, is the author’s idea that once you get your home simplified, chaos-free and organized, you will have more time for the things that are important to you and fun for you!
And for me those things are spending time together as a family NOT in front of the t.v. but rather reading together, playing games, and enjoying one another and also personally, crafting. I can’t wait to be organized, clutter-free and have more time (and hopefully energy) for doing things that I love!
So here’s to my future organized, clutter-free life! And an easier move..hopefully:)

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