Well! I got a bit of my zest back today! I hit a motherlode jackpot of free boxes on craigslist today which is helpful and spent a lot of time doing a (much-needed) scouring of the kitchen, mopping and all.

I think everyone probably has a room (or more!) that really stands out to them as being important to keep clean. It might be your entry way (if you have one) because it’s the first thing you see when you walk in, or your bedroom because it’s your “haven” or your bathroom..(because you spend a lot of time in it?:). For me, it’s the kitchen! It drives me insane to have a nasty and/or partially cleaned kitchen. Which often happens on or around the weekends when it’s somebody else’s turn to clean it.

I shall not name names.

It stifles my cooking-creativity (what little I have anyways!), my desire to be in the room and makes me in general feel overwhelmed and gross! We spend a lot of time in the kitchen, too, cooking, doing homework, crafts, eating, etc. Tonight I actually enjoyed being in there with my family! Now if only I could keep it clean…

Samuel is starting to adjust to the idea of moving. He’s been pretty upset about it but part of him is intrigued with the idea of having kids to play with (there are kids that live in the buildings around us) and some of whom he will go to school with! I also know the draw of having green grass (gasp!) right outside is a winner, too! Imagine grass. Oh you have some? Well, don’t judge, okay? We only see grass about 3 times a year when we visit family!
Zakkai is my happy go-lucky kid so he is excited about the move and wants to help me pack all his toys up! Right now. It takes a lot of convincing on my part to assure him that he is going to want to play in the next 2 1/2 weeks and might want to leave some of his toys unpacked:) He is still doing awesome at using the potty (and to clarify; it’s not numero uno that we’ve been having trouble with…it’s the other~the nasty, if you will!) and has gone more consecutively (he’s a regular kind of guy!) than ever before! So proud of him!
Eliana is starting to figure out getting on her hands and knees more and more everyday. She looks like an inchworm a lot of times when she scoots backwards:) Just when we get her sleeping settled (AGAIN), she always has some new development that throws it all off! Now she’ll wake up crying because she’s stuck on her tummy in the corner of the crib, unwillingly getting on her hands and knees. I can only imagine what it will be like when she gets to that terrible stage of pulling herself up and then crying for help because she can’t get down!!
Anyways, she’s a cutie pie and crazy stages or not, we adore her:) We adore all 3 of our munchkins!!
Hoping for some more “zest” tomorrow!

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