Or Not.
All I have to say is: If someone ever tells you that parenting is easy or makes it look easy…it’s a lie! Not to discourage you or anything….
Okay, maybe that isn’t all I have to say:) We had a bit of a disrespecting issue today after school with a certain usually-very-sweet almost 6 year old that I know….
And honestly, without going into details (gotta respect the kiddo’s “privacy” somewhat:), I am beginning to wonder if the influence of his best friend isn’t always the best…..Let’s just say that his buddy isn’t always so respectful to his mom and gets away with it and I’m wondering if Mr Samuel decided to try out a few tricks to see if it would work with me.
It didn’t. And the poor kid got a majorly long time-out (to think about his actions), lost his bedtime story and has to take back a book that we bought at the book fair today. Being a kid is tough.
And sometimes being a parent is even tougher.
Eliana has finally made it from reaching for her very fat dimply knees to her sweet little toes and took her first taste tonight;) She started with sucking on her big toe and went to pushing about half of her foot inside her mouth! Silly baby:) 
It is so different loving this sweet Last-Baby of ours. We fully admit that we may possibly be spoiling her a bit and squeezing her a bit tighter as her baby days speed by.
But haven’t you ever heard the saying “You can’t spoil a baby?”
Or did I make that up….:)

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